How to turn stress into positive energy?

How to turn stress into positive energy?

There are many situations in our life that we cannot achieve the best due to the adverse conditions of the nervous system. Anxiety feeling that includes symptoms like severe heartbeats, shortness of breath, sweating and dizziness will be normal in such situations. Fortunately, with a little exercise and using a technique called positive focus, you can turn this negative energy (stress) into positive energy.

What is the positive focus?

Positive focus is an old visualization technique that is very common in the Aikido (Japanese martial arts means mental harmony). This technique teaches you to focus on the reality here and now. Do not waste your energy on the outside and do not worry. It also helps you stay stable in a stable condition. Aikido teaches you how to control your body's reactions. In fact, using this technique when you are angry or stressed, using the positive focus method, you can change the negative energy direction in a positive and beneficial way. Now let's think once we are stressed or scared. Have you experienced a physical reaction? Shrink muscles, rapid breathing of sweaty hands, and intense heartbeat, which is a natural reaction in a stressful state. Now let's think about how we can use the positive focus technique.

Step 1: Focus on your breathing: Focus on deep breathing and use your diaphragm to fill your lungs with air. Correct diaphragm breathing
Lay on the floor with a comfortable place and hold your hands on your abdomen and have a deep breath from the nose.

Raise your hand up while you are inhale air. Your shoulders should not move. Only your stomach should move, then remove or exhale the air gently out of your mouth. In fact, in this exercise, you can consciously breathe out any stress from your body.

Now start with your fingers and your muscles. Contraction any muscle that you feel is in tension, then expansion it.

Step 2_ Find Your Body Center Find the center of gravity of your body. This point is about your navel. Know every aspect of your body center very well and remember what it feels like. You will probably feel a sense of stability by focusing on this part of your body. When you feel stressed, pay attention to the center of your body and remind yourself that have the balance and control, then do a deep break out at least five times.

Step 3: Change the direction of energy

Now it's time to drive energy in the direction you want your goals to. Consider, for example, that you put all your negative energy in a ball or in a balloon and abandoned it. Now imagine your negative energy like a ball and suppose you throw it away very far. Or if you think of it as a balloon, let this energy go up. Let everything that gets stress into you get away with every breath, tell yourself, I let this negative energy go with the every exhale. In the next breath, think about what you want to achieve, focus on positive thinking and positive sentences. Now repeat with yourself "I can do this and succeed in it". In order to be able to use the focusing technique with confidence, you need to have a little training to do this. Before you come across a stressful situation, get the skill in this technique. So initially use this technique in less stressful situations and then use it in difficult situations. You cannot simulate physical stress, for running the focus technique go up from about 20 steps. When your heart rate rises, you are in a best placed to simulate stress. And now it's time to take advantage of focusing techniques to reduce stress. Once you have found enough skill in focusing, you can easily use it whenever you have severe stress and loss of control. This technique also allows you to trust your abilities in difficult circumstances.


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