Ms. Dr. Samaneh Rezaie's Introduction and Resume


I am Samaneh Rezaee Born on 17/6/63 in Tehran. I am the first son of my family. I graduated from my high school with a grade of 19 in 1981. In that year, I was admitted to the Alzahra University with a rank of 109 in clinical psychology. . I completed this course with an average of 17.60. My graduate degree was to examine the relationship between internet addiction and depression. In 2007, I was admitted to grade 5 in the General Psychology Department of Science and Research Unit of Tehran.I defended my thesis on 21/6/88 entitled "Investigating the Relationship Between Religious Orientation and Identity Styles and Comparing It Male and female students in Tehran.

My research activities are as follows:


- An article from the Senior Thesis Dissertation is currently published in the Journal of National Studies.


- The translation of the book "ADHD in adults" under the supervision of Dr. Forough Hasan Shabani, which is also in the editorial stage.


- Presentation of an article titled "The Study of the Structural Relationship between Family Function and Self-esteem and the Academic Achievement of High School Girls" at the Fourth Family Studies Congress under the direction of Dr. Badruddin Najmi and in collaboration with Dr. Awat Feizi in Poster.


- Presentation of a paper on the degree of hardiness among athletes with disabilities in a lecture in India at the International Conference "Better life, Better World through Yoga with Allied Sports Sciences".


- The publication of a paper titled "Comparison of hard-working attitudes among athletic and non-athletic women with healthy athletes" in Women's and Culture Journal


- The publication of an article entitled "Investigating the Function of Mirror Neurons" to the Dena Medical Journal


- Presenting two articles entitled "pain disorder and anxiety disorders" and "Depression and pain disorders" at the International Psychosomatic Symposium in Isfahan.


- Presentation of an article titled "Influence of child's speech in mother and father's role in children's language development: overview article" in lecture at the International Conference on Child and Adolescent Development in Shiraz.


- Presentation of an article on language development at the International Conference of Language in Moscow in lecture


- Participation in the implementation of the research project along with Dr Parsaee, entitled "The Study of Morality of Consistency and Tolerance in Islam and Psychology" at Karaj Azad University.


- The publication of an article entitled "Investigating the Effectiveness of Attachment Therapy on Reducing Aggression in Adolescent Girls in Family Studies Journal"


- Acceptance of an article entitled "Investigating Attachment in Islam and Psychology" in Afaq Security Research Journal


- More than two years of cooperation with the success magazine and presented psychological articles to this magazine


- More than eight years of consulting services at the Parham Clinic

By the end of January 2009, my doctoral thesis entitled "Investigating the Effectiveness of Attachment Therapy on Reducing Symptoms of Aggression in Adolescent Girls" by Dr. Mazaheri and Dr. Sholeh Amiri.
I also earned the PhD degree.
In addition, I have taught different courses for three semesters at the Azad University of Karaj.

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