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We said that at the beginning of the Qur'an, Allah Almighty raised a very important issue called the # outburst.

👈 One of the most important ways of reducing suffering is that who suffered for the first time would destroy outburst.

a question?

🔵 Are you good or bad now? If you do not have a good time, you are in outburst.

For example, Imam Khomeini, early in his youth, went somewhere in the middle of his great genius and talent. After the pulpit, all of them have been praised.


In the biography of Imam Khomeini has mentioned, he did not go to the pulpit for many years after that pulpit ...



Because this guy is careful of his upsurge ...


  It knows that every misfortune is under the same flood.


  👈 This story is all about human life.


One of the main reasons for fighting in marital life is that the lady or the gentleman sees herself more than the other one. They remind how much they are important.

Why did you uproar? What do you do Who are you? 😒


Or the gentleman says I work for my family and I make money for them.

Okay, now what? It's your job!
It’s make you grow up! So why did you uproar and raise your voice?

👈 In fact, you should thank God for creating a context in which to take care of your wife and children so that God will look at you…



🔶 Or, for example, not praying or bad behavior ... Is there anything but a flood?

In fact, you consider every sin. It's easy to realize that there is a # flush.


We must examine the relationship between sin and outburst.


Quran said: انتم الفقراء الی الله you are all poor to God

Mubarak Fateh, verse 15

All human beings are highly in need and poor in regard to God, but there is also a needless illusion which is enough for the growth of human rebellion.


If you ever want to see why God puts you in different situations, you will find out that the suffering of life is all about rebellion.


Its most important point is that if someone in life constantly cares for himself / herself not to rebel As a result, God will not give them much hardship and suffering.


Whoever will not flood, finally he loves God.


And someone loves to stumble on a beloved way


🌷 It is that man begs for God and says God can you hurt me more and more?


The suffering of the divine parents in their life was generally of this kind…


Our famous story of Zainab, peace be upon her, said that after Karbala, I saw nothing but beauty...


We hope you will be able to calculate the number of uprisings from now on.



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