We have seen in books and cooking programs that recommended using saffron for cooking and baking
Dissolve it in some boiling water or brew it
But here we want to introduce you another way. Ice! Did you wonder, you're right, ice! How ?


Put enough saffron powder in a dish and put a few pieces of ice on it and leave it at room temperature, gradually thawing the ice, the saffron color comes out in water zero degrees of saffron and dissolves in water. This color is both fresher than the traditional method of boiling water and brewing.

Saffron is one of the most valuable and exported products of our beloved country in Iran, and the background of the use of this plant was fifty thousand years ago and the use of this substance in Iranian foods was 3500 years ago. This material is always expensive and is therefore if we can do something to have more color of saffron, as a result, reduce the amount of saffron for fragrant and delicious food. We have made a great contribution to the family economy.


The amount of ice used depends on the amount of saffron powder you have. For half a teaspoon of saffron powder, two pieces of ice are enough for the ice maker icebox. If you need more saffron color, increase the amount of saffron powder and ice with the same proportion.


One shot and two badges: You can store this solution in a well-sealed, well-kept container in a freezer, and be sure that the color of your favorite saffron is always ready for use.


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