Pray to reduce sadness

Pray to reduce sadness

🔶 We were set to free ourselves from the sufferings that we have, to ensure that we do not overpower.

A person who does not explode behaves accurately
He sees right and thinks right
, look at everything deeply But whoever flares up does not find any of these features.

A person who has not escaped has the opportunity to calculate herself and if he does wrong, he asks forgiveness.
But whosoever has rebelled, constantly puts on different justifications for the mistakes that has done, and the struggle with own self is not worth


🌺 Prophet Muhammad had retraction 70 times a day. Did the Prophet done something wrong? No


But since seeking retraction from Almighty God has a strange educational effect, it is necessary for the person to be forgiven.


 One of the best techniques to eliminate the outburst is Retraction. Forgiveness means, God, I made a mistake! 😓  

If you want to see the extent of your uproar, don’t do any sin at all, tell God a few times dearly, I'm wrong!

If your heart said, "What did I do wrong that you say I was wrong? It's the outburst that pulled out and came out!"
Incidentally, you should retraction more when you are not guilty.


💢 The human being is made to revolt in order to gain the smallest and least value of the property. You do not have to get rich or an important person to revolt.


That’s why we should say God help me 70 times and God forgive me 300 times for each time we pray.


Not yet morning, That we sin But tell me, excuse me.


The same thing has a great educational effect in everyday life of man and promotes the efficacy of night prayers

But whoso prays at night, but he does not care for his outburst, by the way, no matter how much night prayers do, he will be more close to hell.


The outburst causes the human heart and soul to blur, and even destroys good interests in the human soul. Sometimes someone sees that he is interested in dangerous things and all sorts of sins!


Rebellious person cannot really recognize good and bad feelings.


You cannot figure out what the soul is and what the sin is.


Such a person will not be easily guided.


Many times, God has given up all sorts of misfortune to stop man from feeling unnecessary.



In our narrations, forgiveness is one of the most important things that can be avoided.


If a person is constantly retraction, countless suffering from humans are taken.


It is narrated that the mention of retraction reduces sadness. When you have a problem, say, I'm wrong, then you feel better.


The problem may even be stayed, but you can relax.

Many emotional stresses have been eliminated by retraction.


Rebellion is a kind of silent death, and for many times a person who is flooded is not at all a distraction that is drowning in a flood.

An important point in the rebellion is that, if a loyal person flourishes, God will alert him very soon.


📌 For example, because of his outburst, he did something wrong, and God gave him a problem two hours later to punish him.


💢 But for bad guys, it may take fifty years to drop them off. So much bad guy that God says to the angels, let him be in his own rebellion.


In fact, the philosophy of many of the problems and sufferings is an upheaval, and it's enough to destroy a person's own flood, it's easy to get rid of many suffering.


🔶 There is a lot of other things about the outbreak, but this section was dedicated to eliminating the suffering. In the future, we will talk about the upheaval.


To be continued…




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