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Appropriate plan

🔶 We agreed that we must accept the issue of suffering in order to have a good life.


But the important thing about this is that accepting suffering is not possible without a proper plan.

⭕️ "If we suffer without any plans, our soul will be harmed."

⚠️ There are many possible reasons for this, but one of the most important reasons is that your suffering was "unplanned".

You really did not suffer according to God's wise plan. Well, no matter how much you suffer, you will not grow up much.



We cannot suffer however, we want and expect God to growth our soul.

✅ In any case, you have to see God's plan for the sufferings of mankind. Because God is designing very beautiful and accurate sufferings, and we have to suffer according to the program.


💢Sometimes a person not really know the cause of the annoyance, but must accept that pain.


🏋🏻 A bodybuilding coach gives his students various exercises and announces the cause of each exercise; for example, he says you need to get this dumbbell to strengthen your wrists.
Or you need to run a lot a day to increase your physical strength….


🚫 But God is not say directly the cause of human suffering.


💥 We'll be suffering for a suddenly!


- We say, God, what happened? I was going right?


✨ God says: my dear, keep going. I'm making up part of your soul.


- God, well, tell me so much so that I know I'm ready! 😊


God say: believe me. You and I have a faith relationship. Do you believe in me?


Yes, sure my Lord

❓One of the questions that is being asked in the discussion of suffering is: Where do we know the reason of pain that has come to us?


What's the matter?

Finally, I'm sorry for you to endure but go ahead. Why do want to know?


Think at all for your own sin; "Anyway, you must asked for forgiveness."


🔵 For a while, we don’t know what the connection between suffering and actions? For example, you are asking God to get closer to Ahl-e-beyt. Then there's someone who accuse you for something and you suffer.

I ask you, God. I asked you to get closer to Ahle-e-beyt. What did this have to do with that? 🙄


What do you have to do with it? You just have to believe here.

Our coach, God Almighty, does not tell us why we are practicing!?

✅Sometimes, we find out the reason of suffering some months later, or a year.


✔️ Sometimes we will never understand the cause of some of the suffering and God Almighty will say the cause of all of our suffering on the Day of Judgment.




✍to be continued ….


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