Be great! Psychology of adolescent and family children

Be great

We humans would like to escape from various suffering but there is a wisdom here.

God has the desire to escape from suffering in human beings to deal with suffering.

In fact, this is the philosophy of human life.

We must be careful not to suffer uselessness. We must surely escape the hardships that humankind causes.


💢 Even in the next step, we have to fight those who suffer from our lives and live in this way. No one has the right to inflict pain on us


□ One of the main causes of our struggle with the Zionists is the same

They do not want the people of the world have peace, and we will also disagree with this thinking.

When we look at any of the things in the world, we see that the root of every corruption and destruction is the Zionists or their agents.

Everywhere a person is suffering, we end up with the activities of a Zionist group

🌷✅ For this reason, it is a modest and highly valuable work that is to be done by a group fighting the root of all corruption and bloodshed.


The main reason for the martyrdom of the shrine defenders and fighters of the resistance fronts is to save all human beings from the suffering of the Zionists.


So whoever wants to get the most light and guidance in life, should hates the Zionist leaders of the world and has activities against the Zionists.

Because of this, the root causes of many of the world's suffering will be struck

In general, we should not surrender to the impoverished suffering of life; incidentally, we must remove those sufferings.

📌 For example, if you suffer from poverty, then go get rich. Who said that you should suffer poverty?


If you suffer from jealousy, eradicate your jealousy from yourself. If you suffer from bad morals, try to have good moral and be kind.


🔵 In addition, many mental problems are due to human temperament

For example, those who are bile are very nervous. So this problem can be solved with Islamic medicine.

Or those who are choleric have pessimists and jealousies and some mental illnesses that they need to treat themselves.


Or, for example, a lady or a gentleman, because of not knowing some techniques of marital life, creates many problems for themselves or their family.


Well, in this case, you should use the guidance of theologians to capture much of the suffering of ignorance.


So first of all, do not imposed on yourself the bad suffering that stops you and your origin.

Secondly, you must be able to pass through the suffering that comes to you.



So be a man
Act like men
Be great and stay strong in resistance!

to be continued ….

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